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​​Competative Residential Rates - Rates are for standard sized homes. Larger homes may cost a little more. We customize our services to suit your needs and your budget. These are generalized prices that may be subject to change based on the conditions to be cleaned. There is a HUGE difference between Housekeeping and Housecleaning for those who do not understand. Please see below what is not included in the service list and prices. If you would like these non included services rendered (if possible and agreed upon with a cleaning representative) then there will be further fees incurred for the extra time it takes to do this.

Pet Services

Does your dog need to be let out?

-$25 service call

Does your dog need a walk?

$40 for service call & half hour walk 

Do your pets need to be fed?

-$25 service call

Do your pets need companionship?

-$40 for service call & half hour play

Does your pet need a trip to the vet?

$50 flat fee. Additional pets $10.

NO PROBLEM! We have you covered! 

Detailed Cleaning

Generalized Prices (subject to change*) 
2 bathroom house — $210 - $280 
3 bathroom house — $350 - $420
4 bathroom house — $455 - $495


Move ins/out Cleans


$595 up to 3 bathrooms and 2,000 sf.
$485 up to 2/3 bathrooms and 1,500 sf.
$275 up to 2 bathrooms and 1,000 sf.

-Weekend Availability

-subject to change-

Environmental Sterilization

​Environmental sterilization is a process by which an environment (entire structure or portion thereof) can be sterilized for health related purposes.

The protocol for environmental sterilization usually involves a combination of procedures including negative air filtration (to remove contaminants from the atmosphere), anti-microbial / viral treatments (to kill existing contaminants on surface areas), use of high intensity ozone generators (to kill specific types of contaminants and mitigate odors from difficult to reach areas) as well as specialized h.e.p.a. intake vacuums (to remove existing contaminants and their waste from surface areas).

Our procedures for environmental sterilization have been successfully used in residential environments as well as hospitals, nursing homes, health clubs, locker room facilities and have proven effective in virtually any environment where the risk of germs or bacterial infections may be increased.

Our attention to detail and use of the most advanced procedures for cleaning and environmental sterilization can eliminate better than 99.7% of surface and airborne germs and bacteria, providing for a healthier more sanitary environment.

$35 per day per rented machine

Specialized Cleaning for Allergy Sufferers 

This is a process of specialized cleaning that combines structured whole house vacuuming with both UV Sanitation, UV microbial vacuuming, of all furniture and mattresses as well as applying a non toxic, natural allergy relief treatment throughout your home. 

$25-50 extra to either your Standard or Detailed Clean

 Executive Services

Busy persons and executives at times need more assistance than just a house cleaning! 

Need laundry run to the dry cleaner?

Need Ironing?

Need groceries delivered?

We take care of it all. 

Quoted via email as this service varies from individual to individual. 


-$This includes  the standard cleaning @ the rates above and we can additionally prepare one or two weeks of meals for you. 

Green Cleaning 

Supplies provided for GREEN cleaning, upon request for an additional $10 as the PROPER GREEN cleaners cost a little more than standard chemicals. 

*Limited openings available. 


LICENSED. INSURED.   503.828.2638 / 603.769.8990

Amanda's True Clean


Standard Cleaning

Generalized Prices (subject to change*) 
2 bathroom house — $85 - $140
3 bathroom house — $140 - $245
4 bathroom house — $245 - $350