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Every house serviced is cleaned to the complete satisfaction of the client. I pay attention to the details that need to be performed by your cleaners and do the very best job possible. The high quality of our work is hallmark. My goal is to give you the peace and comfort a clean home brings, allowing you to devote more time to the important things in life. I am here to help you and your family enjoy a cleaner, healthier home.

I used to be that teenager you had to pin down in order to make her clean her room. I have to admit that I didn’t become a neat freak until I joined the U.S. Navy! Now a veteran, and nearly a decade later, I still clean a room as if an officer is inspecting! It makes me happy to keep things clean and organized, and attention to detail is where I shine. I always jokingly say that working at a farm throughout my school years made me a glutton for punishment - I’m always happy to help with some extra cleaning, because there’s always something to be done!

Aside from helping clients tidy up their homes, I’m also a freelance videographer, video editor and production assistant working in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. When I’m not running around with cameras or scrubbing the deck, you’ll find me either at the barn riding or at some charming antique shop treasure hunting and planning my next DIY project.

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Amanda- Business Owner

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Hi, I'm Miya. I go by my middle name Betsy. I have been in the Portland area for the last two years as a cleaning specialist. Previously, I was in the banking and car industry for 15 years and decided I wanted a more relaxing, physical job... so I chose housework! For me it is an amazing fit because I love to see the sparkle I can leave, the fresh smell and beautiful vacuuming lines left with a clean house. There's nothing more inviting than a clean home and I like helping achieve what makes your home inviting. 

I am a dedicated person in general. I'm committed to the tasks I take on and take full ownership of what I do. I enjoy cleaning and it's something you can see the difference in when you leave. I am a very focused person. I like to get in and do the task right the first time. 

In my spare time I am an explorer and love to see what nature has to offer. I enjoy fly fishing... but any fishing is great. I enjoy rockhounding and time at the beach. I travel a lot all over the states to visit places I have seen in pictures, so I can see what they are like in real life. If I have a couple hours, it's guaranteed I'll take a drive and get to know Oregon a little better. From the desert to the mountains and the valleys and the oceans... I am always up for a hike. 

I have over 15 years of experience in cleaning, concierge and catering service. Both business and residential. I am more than happy to be able to help you in your home. 

Amanda - Business Owner 

A little about myself...

As part owner of an ad agency, I've been in marketing and advertising for the last 10 years and am a skilled graphics and print design specialist. But after 10 years... I have to say... I needed to build something new. With my extensive business background from life and college experience, I decided one day to start a fun business with endless possibilities for growth. A multifaceted cleaning service! I've lived in the Portland area for the last 12 years and have now opened up services in the Midwest and East Coast. 

Living in a very health conscience state where people are becoming more aware of the chemicals inundating their lives, I have decided to provide a healthy alternative as well as the peace and contentment coming home to a fresh and truly clean home provides. 

My family owns ranches in the mountains of Wyoming and Colorado, where I like to visit often. I have a Maine Coon named Axsel that does dog tricks and he's pretty cool. Of all things, my passion is cooking and baking... especially for my friends and family. 

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