Our GREEN clean side

Families, couples and singles hire Always Clean Solutions because we’re all so busy these days! If we all had one less thing to do, especially house cleaning, we could get more important stuff done and enjoy more quality time! That’s why people choose US! 

Always Clean Solutions was created by Amanda herself and  began as a grassroots service in Oregon. Through hard work and the love of business, service blossomed and Amanda found herself in more demand than she could fill. Now Amanda has joined forces with other independent, like minded, hard working ladies and gentleman to be able to continue bringing smiles to current and growing client bases from the West Coast to the East Coast. 

Since customer satisfaction is the most important tenet, I back our house cleaning services with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Simply call within 24 hours if you are unhappy with any area that we have cleaned and we will come back and re-clean it to your complete satisfaction, free of charge.

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Amanda's True Clean


Our Guarantee

Reasons why we're in high demand:


We're reliable and consistent
We're affordable
We take pride in our customer service
We have processes to thoroughly screen every cleaner
We use tested and proven methods
We have established standard house cleaning procedures – every technician, team and cleaning
We learn your needs quickly
We bring our own green maid service equipment and supplies upon request

Research is done on ingredients in the green products we use... and we only use what we are convinced to be the best of the best for your home, family, pets, health and environment. 

Green cleaning services are becoming increasingly popular as consumers become more aware of the potential health risks associated with traditional cleaning products and methods. Green cleaning services are important for families who want to create the cleanest and safest indoor environment possible for themselves, their pets and their guests. Chemical ingredients in common household products can contain toxins that make us sick. Illnesses resulting from these toxins can be as mild as a headache, allergies and rashes or as severe as neurological disease and cancer. However, green cleaning can reduce or eliminate these health risks.

Always Clean Solutions is the one cleaning service that takes our commitment to protect our customer and employees seriously. Some services say they are green but only address certain aspects of a true green program.

We use solutions that are certified by Green Seal or other recognized organization, are free of carcinogens, reproductive toxins, neurotoxins, fragrances and other ingredients which can cause health problems. 

We use “greener” equipment such as vacuums that are recognized by the American Lung Association to improve indoor air quality.
We use color-coded microfiber cloths to reduce need for cleaning solutions, minimize landfill waste & prevent cross contamination from room to room.
We have a means to ensure that each member of the green cleaning service is following the prescribed cleaning protocol in every home, on every visit.
We stay abreast of the latest science and technology so that the service can always offer the safest and most effective cleaning protocols available/
Always Clean Solutions is the one green cleaning service that is committed to doing everything possible to minimize and prevent potential health risks associated with traditional cleaning services. Don’t be fooled by “partially green” cleaning services. Choose Always Clean Solutions, and be certain you’re getting the maximum health benefit from green cleaning.